Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Who is the Mystery Player?

Sunday saw the Onedrywash and Autoglass® sponsored Doncaster Knights under 9’s hard at work. They were training for the 3 remaining festivals this season, looking to improve on the runners up spot at their home festival last week.

Guess who!!

During training, this shot was captured of one of the players ‘hiding’ away – but who is it? The first person to email the coaches with the correct answer will win a mystery prize – will it be you?

Good Luck !!

Don’t forget to watch this space for an update on the Knights’ progress after Easter.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Some photos from Sunday

Some photos of the
Onedrywash and Autoglass®-sponsored Doncaster Knights under 9’s at the festival of junior rugby at Castle Park on Sunday 21st March

Thomas tries to escape the zebras

Ol tries to free the ball

James helps the ball on its way

Help Me !!

Conor on the hoof

Can Aaron make it?

BJ on the run

Ben wins the lineout

Monday, 22 March 2010

Knights Brave Defence of the Castle

Doncaster Knights under 9’s

Sunday 21st saw the Onedrywash and Autoglass®-sponsored Doncaster Knights under 9’s take on all comers in the festival of junior rugby at Castle Park. For many of the team, this was the first time they had experienced this sort of day, and it would prove to be valuable learning for everyone.

We were able to field 2 teams, which stretched our resources to the full, meaning all 18 players on duty faced the prospect of at least 3 games without a break. But this didn’t seem to phase any of them, as they set about their task.

The 2 captains for the day, BJ and Joe, led their teams from the front, and they battled hard as teams, the highlights being a well earned draw against Otley for the red team, and a fantastic 40 – 0 win for the blue team against local rivals, Selby.

As lunch time arrived, the boys were really starting to get into the flow of the day, and with 4 tired coaches, and a whole stack of hoarse families on the sidelines, it was down to the head coach to break the news we had all been dreading ………….

……. Both teams had made the semi finals, but the journey for one team would have to end here as they had drawn each other !!!!

The Semifinal was preceded by a minute's silence in memory of a family loss this week, and then both teams got stuck into each other like they were complete strangers! They banged into each other, knocked each other over and ran for all their worth, and the effort was clear to see, and was summed up by Josh from the red team who chased BJ all the way to the line before tackling him and causing BJ to spill the ball – no try – well done Josh.

Eventually the blue team came out on top, and would go on to the final. The boys were starting to tire now, so some of the red team were enrolled as substitutes for the final.

This was it; the boys had got to the final with a smile on their faces, and they just needed one more effort, but it wasn’t to be. As one by one the substitutes were called into play, the 9 men left on the field had run themselves to water and given their all for the team, only to be edged out by a solitary score.

It was tough for the boys, but the smiles on the photo show the day was a huge success, and as each player collected their medal, perhaps only the parents were really left to wonder what might have been. BJ shook every player by the hand, and as they came together for the photos, all was forgotten and the smiles returned.


Saturday, 20 March 2010

Good luck to the Knights


Sunday sees the Onedrywash and Autoglass®-sponsored Doncaster Knights under 9’s take on all comers in their annual festival of junior rugby at Castle Park. The festival has a proud tradition of fun for everyone, and being played at Castle Park – the home of the most promoted rugby team in English rugby history - gives it a special edge.

We will field 2 teams this weekend, reds and blues, both of whom will be proud to carry the name of OneDrywash on their chests. Team captain BJ and Joe have both said they are really excited and hope to do the club, their families and the OneDrywash name proud.

Good luck to the boys – if you are in the area, games start at 10:30am, why not come along and offer your support? If not, watch this space for a festival update next week.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Knights continue their winning ways

As was always the plan this season, the Onedrywash and Autoglass® sponsored Doncaster Knights under 9’s have worked very hard at the transition from TAG to contact rugby. There was never a rush to ‘win games at any cost’, we wanted to make sure the boys got to grips with the game step by step, and despite the weather since Christmas, that plan is coming to fruition with the side undefeated in the second half of the season so far.

Owain gets his instructions from the sideline

Sunday saw the visit of Old Brodlians to the castle, and the Knights wasted no time in putting them to the sword racing into an early lead with almost the first play of the game. The team worked really hard and pressured Old Brods into mistake after mistake allowing them to kick on for a great win. Player of the day – Scrum half Ol really directed his troops and with a couple of tries to his name took the game by the scruff of the neck. Captain BJ and the rest of his backs line put into practice what they have been learning, and managed to keep the scoreboard ticking over for an impressive win.

Ol encourages the ref!

Game 2 saw a complete change of playing personnel for the Knights and a renewed enthusiasm from Old Brods, but some determined running from Conor and aggressive ‘wrestling’ from Fraser saw the knights hang in there until game 2 captain Joe popped up on the wing to race in for a try to tie up the game.

Clear the way - Conor on the move!

This was a fantastic day for the team – showing how focussed they have remained throughout the long winter – well done boys – keep it up!!

Mark Howe
Central Support Manager, Retail Repair