Wednesday, 28 October 2009

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I don't like to have to do this - but!!

Sunday 18th saw the Onedrywash and Autoglass®-sponsored Doncaster Knights under 9’s make the short trip up the A19 to Selby

It's always a tough trip, and as the winter viruses started to rob us of one or two players. It was looking harder by the minute. In game one, the first quarter was evenly matched, and the Knights tackling and desire seemed to have improved massively from last week, but eventually Selby broke the dead lock and with it, the Knights' hearts. The team battled well and got to half time still in touch with the opposition, but it was clear Selby wanted to inflict defeat on the auld enemy, and they kept coming. The forwards worked tirelessly and the 2 James’s ran at anyone and everyone, while Jack and Conor set about knocking down the Selby runners. The effort never stopped and the team was rewarded late on with a great solo effort from the Skipper.

Between games, the coaches talked to the players about belief and the feeling of having given their all. We talked about how Ian (sadly absent today due to an unplanned stay in hospital) would be twitching in his bed at the thought of the boys not enjoying themselves. All we asked was that they put a smile back on their faces and remembered "together we can".

The second game started very tightly again, but this time it was the Knights who got the upper hand as they looked to be settling back into their stride. Once again, the forwards set about ‘banging’ into people and now the backs found the confidence to start running and handling like we know they can. It was a fantastic effort and the reward was a well deserved – a massive turn around that every player should be proud of .


New cleaning system launched

New waterless products for RVs and travel trailers

Monday, 12 October 2009

Knights begin the long season

Don't stop me now!

Ready when you are!

Sunday saw the Onedrywash and Autoglass®-sponsored Doncaster Knights under 9’s enter into their first competitive game following their exhibition at Headingley last weekend.

Everyone was up for the challenge of a Newark side who had beaten all comers in their opening tournament last weekend. The dressing room bounced to the sound of Scouting for Girls as the team prepared for battle. They trained well and looked ready for the challenge, but this was new territory. The boys were no longer trying to knock over a team mate in training; they now had complete strangers trying to knock them down, and the first half took its toll. After some changes and some words from the coaches, the team set about the second half with renewed vigour, and started to put into practice some of what they had learned. They looked much more relaxed and started to pass, tackle and even fight for the ball. The result didn’t go their way, but the team came a long way during this game. During the second game, the team looked to be working much better together, and resisted the advances of Newark for a longer period. They battled hard and were once again edged out of a competitive game.

Today's experience will be invaluable to the team, and they will go from strength to strength as the season progresses. I was especially proud of the efforts of everyone today and the smiles afterwards. The boys knew they had been tested, but know what they have to work on. Well done to Jack who took the Player of the Day having contributed massively in both games, and to BJ who ran himself to a standstill for his team. A special mention to Josh who broke with tradition by scoring so early in the season, and to Thomas for his tackling and James for his tireless running. A huge thanks to Mick for refereeing, and last but not least, thanks to the parents, who at times looked more nervous than the boys (and me). Your support is greatly appreciated.

Good luck for Selby next week.

Friday, 9 October 2009

SJK Products Launches Onedrywash for Caravans and Onedrywash for Motorhomes

Two new special formulas of Onedrywash, the revolutionary waterless vehicle washing and polishing system – one for caravans and one for motorhomes – will soon be available from SJK Products

Crawley, West Sussex – SJK Products Ltd, manufacturers of the revolutionary waterless spray on, wipe off vehicle washing system, Onedrywash, announced today two new products: Motorhome Onedrywash and Caravan Onedrywash.

The Motorhome Onedrywash label

Up to now, SJK Products has only catered, specifically, for the car with its original product, Motorcar Onedrywash. But now its new products, Motorhome Onedrywash and Caravan Onedrywash are both specially formulated, as the name would suggest, for motorhomes and caravans.

The Caravan Onedrywash label

Tim Jones, SJK’s chairman, explains how these new products differ from the original: “We’ve made the product stronger so it can cope with the harsher environments that motorhome and caravan owners tend to find themselves in. It gets rid of black streaks effectively, it’s great on acrylic windows with no smearing and it can also be used on alloy wheels because it is non-aggressive.”

Onedrywash has always been popular among owners of caravans and motorhomes due to the freedom that the product gives them to be able to clean their vehicles wherever they like, rather than only where they can find a source of water. In fact, Onedrywash is now sold at over 100 caravan sites throughout the UK. Site wardens regularly request a Onedrywash product, specially formulated for caravans and motorhomes. Now SJK Products has responded with exactly that.

The SJK Products team will be providing a sneak preview of both products at International Caravan & Motorhome 2009, NEC, 13th-18th October 2009 on the Towsure stand. The two new products, priced at £10.99 for Motorhome Onedrywash and also £10.99 for Caravan Onedrywash, will be publicly available from 1st November 2009.

About Onedrywash
Onedrywash, manufactured by SJK Products Ltd in Crawley, West Sussex, UK, is a totally waterless washing system – a revolutionary way to both clean and polish one’s car, caravan, boat, motorbike, or any other metal, glass, or painted surface - with only a single application of the product. It prevents pollutants and detergents from entering the river system and each bottle (7 washes) saves 1 ton of water, so it’s good news for the environment. The product was endorsed by South East Water in 2006 and was awarded the prestigious Waterwise Marque in 2007 for its contribution towards saving water in the UK. It is available from Amazon and Autoglass who also use it to valet their clients’ vehicles. The company, SJK Products, was co-founded in 2004 by SJ Khebbal, CEO and Tim Jones, Chairman.

For more information please contact:

Yvonne Siddall
SJK Products Ltd
James Place
West Sussex
RH10 6GA
United Kingdom

+44 (0)800 881 8062

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Junior Rugby: Doncaster Knights under 9’s season kicks off to a good start

.Ready to go

All action

Debut at last

Sunday saw the contact rugby debut of the Onedrywash and Autoglass®-sponsored Doncaster Knights under 9’s, and this was no ordinary game !!

The boys got the chance to play at Headingley Carnegie during the half time interval in the premiership match between Leeds and Gloucester – in front of almost 6000 people. They handled themselves really well, and were not in intimidated by the crowd; in fact, with the twinkle toes of Aaron, the determination of James on his debut and the voices of BJ and Oliver, they positively rose to the occasion, and Conor's applause to the crowd on his way from the field was a clear indication of the enjoyment all round.

As coaches, we were really proud of the boys' first effort, and we are all really looking forward to our first competitive game against Newark on Sunday.